Clotilde, roman cuisine in an elegant and glamorous lounge

Located in the heart of Rome, near Pantheon and piazza di Spagna, Clotilde is an elegant and glamorous restaurant, offering real contemporary roman cuisine experience. The dishes celebrate tradition and products of Lazio region.

The restaurant’s lounge has a warm and inviting atmosphere with well-spaced tables, comfortable seating and soft lighting. The lobby bar is a destination on its own or ideal for a pre or post dinner hang out. Wine and cocktails selections comfort guests and can be served with small dishes, such as mini burgers with chips or supplì tris (mozzarella and tomato, cheese and pepper, vegetarian).

The name Clotilde is Clemente Quaglia’s mother’s name, owner of the restaurant, that wanted to convey with this choice his hospitality idea.

Decòr is refined and elegant with ’50 e ‘60 design elements. Paper geometric wallpaper, glass tables and iron, faceted crystal glasses, lighting on the tables and works of art by artists of the Gallery of Contemporary Arturarte donate to Clotilde the warmth of a home.


Clotilde, piazza Cardelli 5/A, Roma. Tel 0668805145  Website

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