Collegio, old wine shop becomes bistro-bar at piazza Capranica

Recovery is the watchword in the draft of Collegio, inspired from a 30s wine shop that was born on its premises. Family Santarelli, strong of a more than century-old tradition in wine (Casale del Giglio his company), has decided to propose a new bistrot-bar respecting the atmosphere of the old winery. The name “Collegio – Vini Liquori & Cibo” is derived from the adjacent via del Collegio Capranica and from Palazzo del Collegio Capranica, that houses it, built by Cardinale Domenico Capranica in 1451.
Cellar and Bar are composed of small and large producers, Italian and not, with the presence of labels of the Lazio region, from Tuscia Agro Pontino and the Castelli Romani to Terre del Cesanese. Collegio has a small card of Lazio’s extravergine oils. From gastronomic workshop on sight come out delicacies, cold cuts, cheese and croutons.
The menu of Collegio is curated by Chef Alessandro Cecere and privileges roman cuisine: Gricia, Pasta e Fagioli and fettuccine with lamb sauce are some of the proposals. There are also daily specials with international touch.
Bartender Emanuele Broccatelli is the captain of the cocktail bar. He offers his Author’s Cocktail (aged in bottle), mixed Italian excellence, a cocktail menu “Trip around the world”, made from indigenous raw materials from various countries that you will go “to visit”. An important concept is the return to drink smooth and quality through a selection of 25 high-end spirits from around the world, available in purity. The favorite moment of Broccatelli, though, is the “Made to Measure”: a more intimate contact with the customer, where time expands and the drink becomes cut ad hoc, on curiosities, mood and guest taste.


Collegio Vini Liquori & Cibo, piazza Capranica 99/100, Roma

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