Perpetual Rome, cooking in motion and high design

By Francesco Piccat

A cooking in motion, which never stop changing and challenging, built around the customer. This is the project locked in Perpetual Rome, a new gourmet restaurant which is looking out onto Iside Square, between via Merulana and Via Labicana (a stone’s throw from the Colosseum). Restaurant, bistrot and kitchen laboratory, Perpetual is a multifunctional place enclosed in 750 square foot (of which more than half dedicated to the kitchen), another 80 dedicated to the workshop and 50 seating. Chef Cezar Predescu is the mind, and has gathered a team of young chefs coming from important experiences abroad in order to give birth to a different idea of restaurant, experienced in the last 6 years.

The menu of Perpetual starts from a traditional basis, with a careful research for raw material which is processed with modern techniques. The menu is divided into four sections: “Divertimento” (Amusement, the appetizers), “Ricordi” (Memories, the starters), “Consistenza” (Texture, the main courses), “Dessert (Deserts)”.

Perpetual is the synthesis of haute cuisine, which is developed through new culinary techniques, and italian design (by Archimoon).  A new and contemporary place : the meals preparation- studied and created with Chef Paolo Cappuccio – concerns important attention to nutritional aspects, with a perfect combination of fibers, proteins, carbs and fats. Perpetual is not only a workshop in which different products will be prepared, from bread, daily fresh pasta to pastry, but also a training center with masters and classes.


Perpetual, piazza Iside 5, Roma. Tel 0669367085 WebsiteFacebook Page


*In opening picture: “Luce sul nero”, Vialone rice “Salera”, consistency of cuttlefish and gold

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