Mercerie Rome, the new deal with Chef Viviana Marrocoli

Mercerie Rome, the innovative Igles Corelli’s project, launches a new deal with the arrival of Viviana Marrocoli in the kitchen of the restaurant of Largo Argentina.

The restaurant remains faithful to the concept imagined by Chef Corelli; proposing the quality of starred dishes in small portions by making a culinary voyage (which is often pretty expensive) accessible to everyone. Thus, the core of Mercerie’s offer is still composed of the famous praline, lasagnette and bottoni, which are recipes of roman tradition served in an easy and catchy way to permit customers to have them while visiting and walking through Rome.

Along with this, the new menu includes a series of gourmet proposals served in the restaurant, in which quality, innovation and experimentation are mixed together. So, between the appetizers one can find the three-cooking artichoke cooked with ultrasound, fried and with low temperature (first on the left), the smoked-beef tartare, the cuttlefish cannoli filled with goat robiola mousse – a creamy Italian cheese (lower left).





Then, pasta and risotto: Spaghettoni of Gragnano (ate the right in the middle) with Bottarga (delicacy of salted, cured fish roe) and sea lupines; Carbonara risotto served with asparagus, cocoas dumplings with piedmonts’ tail beef stew (lower right), European bass ravioli. The main courses are the famous pork loin cooked in cocoa butter (top right), tenderloin steak with vegetables and the ultrasound cooked octopus. Deserts are a symphony of chocolate, tarte Tatin and Catalane.

100% Neapolitan and after various experiences in starred restaurants (Naples, Milan and London) Chef Marrocoli has arrived in Rome and elaborates her idea of kitchen which is made by research and respect for raw materials. Chef Igles Corelli has chosen her to develop, with him, Mercerie project, by the elaboration of the dishes which will complement his gourmet tastings

Mercerie, Via S. Nicola de’ Cesarini n. 4/5 (Largo Argentina), Roma.

Tel +393479714949

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  1. Ho avuto il privilegio di festeggiare i miei 50 anni con la cucina di viviana circa 5 anni or sono e già era una grande chef, non posso che complimentarmi.

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