Settimo, new Sofitel Rome’s lounge with view on Rome and Roman flavors

In the hearth of Rome, near Piazza di Spagna and Fontana di Trevi, Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese reopened after a year of unveiling extensive renovations by contemporary architect and interior designer, Jean-Philippe Nuel. The crown jewel of the Hotel is “Settimo”, situated on the seventh floor, which offers panoramic views of The Eternal City. It’s an elegant rooftop lounge and restaurant with bold interiors and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Settimo serves contemporary Roman cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. Executive Chef, Giuseppe D’Alessio, propose new autumn-winter menu with traditional Roman dishes that incorporates also his signatures – like “Supplì Roman Style”, “Tonnarelli, cacio cheese, pepper” (picture in the middle, on the right) and “Roman Saltimbocca, chicory, garlic, oil” – and “7 Days Settimo” (picture on the top right). These are seven dishes that you can enjoy day by day: “Meatball and souce” on Monday; “Cuttlefish and peas” on Tuesday; “Strozzapreti Gricia” on Wednesday; “Roman gnocchi” on Thursday; “Fried anchovies” on Friday; “Tripe, mint, pecorino cheese” on Saturday and “Pizza and figs” on Sunday.





The menu is a journey on the best of traditional roman kitchen, revisited in a modern key. One can find, for example, “Roman broccoli pie cheek crumbs, pecorino cheese sauce” (big picture on the top left) and “Gratinated pumpkin flowers, Roman ricotta cheese, Taggiasce olives, Roman courgettes carpaccio” (bottom right) among Appetizers; Pasta Amatriciana and Pasta Carbonara style and “Lomb chop, aromatic herbs, potatoes from Viterbo millefeuille” (bottom left) among first course.

Of course, there are fish dishes too, such as “Cod salad, French beand, Torpedino tomatoe, fennel” or “Rise riserva San Massimo, prawn cream, Roman courgettes” and “Shi drum lemon, thyme, spinach and parsley cream, potatoes from Viterbo with oil Marfuga, dried tomatoes”.

Cocktail enthusiasts can enjoy sundowners with a view, with one of Settimo’s signature drinks which come with specially paired finger food.

“Settimo” of Sofitel Rome, which is overlooking Rome and Villa Borghese Gardens, is an eclectic place where a panoramic restaurant, a lounge area and a bar mingle. Thanks to a porch and self-propelled glass windows, boundaries between interior and exterior disappear and making the new space a unique view of Rome and Roman flavors. A perfect combination to create a full sensory experience.

Settimo at Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, via Lombardia 47, Rome.

Tel +3906478021

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