Best Restaurant Openings of 2017 in Rome

Best Restaurant Openings of 2017 in Rome. Here we are at the end of a year full of new restaurant openings in Rome. After “Selection by Gugsto” of Restaurants that have distinguished themselves for the innovative format and high quality food, I try to highlight those that are interesting for design and food & beverage supply. It’s not a ranking, but “the best twelve” for format ( hasn’t tested them all). The order is strictly alphabetical. The opening photo is of Flora’s dishes.


Altrove Ristorante

Restaurant that wants to combine quality, interculturalism and solidarity. Closely linked to Cies Onlus and its training project that provides for the creation of completely free training courses aimed at vulnerable young people, migrants or children of immigrants.


Fifth opening of the milanese flag signed by Chef Roberto Okabe. Asian fusion restaurant that wants to put together Italy, Japan and Brazil. Fashionable and glamour.

Flora Restaurant at Grand Hotel Marriott

Signature cuisine signed by Chef Raffaele de Mase. At Flora, tradition meets contemporary cuisine; menu is characterized by a strong mediterranean imprint, the ambience is well cared for and with a great international flair.

Giulia Restaurant

Corner of gusto in the historic center of Rome with a 10-place terrace and also three cozy rooms. Tradition and innovation come together in the dishes of Chef Pierluigi Gallo.

Pacifico at Palazzo Dama

Second opening of popular milanese flag. Superstar peruvian chef Jaime Pesaque has designed Pacifico’s exclusive menu by merging peruvian staples Ceviche and Tiradito with chinese Dim Sum.


Contemporary kitchen in an ambience where natural light meets the elegance of fossil wood. 750 square meters, 30 seatings. Hospitality and sharing the passwords.


Traditional cuisine and innovative dishes by Chef Luciano Monosilio (1 Michelin Star). 410 square meters, 45 total seatings; you can also eat sitting on the stools of the bar counter. In the restaurant’s wine cellar a table with eight seats for private dining.


Rinascente – Food Hall (MadeITerraneo, Temakinho, Vivi Bistrot, Feudi di San Gregorio, PZA)

Finally Rome also has its own large warehouse of Made in Italy and with an international feel. Enogastronomy meets a spectacular view.

Ristorante All’Oro at The H’All Tailor Suite

The “traditional-contemporary” cuisine by Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto (1 Michelin Star) in a very personal design environment. “Secret Room” for private events and covered dehor.

Santa Brace

Meeting point for true meat lovers. In the menu you can find a great journey among all the techniques of meat processing: raw, braised, marinated, grilled, grilled, seasoned.


Restaurant and club. Quality food, drink, music, fashion and art are the bets of the owners who propose an international cuisine signed by Chef Max Mariola.



Vyta Enoteca Regionale del Lazio

Typical products, excellences and flavors of Lazio selected and revisited in a modern way. A total sensory experience in a modern and design location.

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