Profumo Roma, new Cocktail & Sensorial Tapas Bar with dj set

Traslation by Francesco Piccat


Profumo Roma Sensorial Space unveiled on may 4th in Rome is new format stirring gastronomy and nightlife. Mr Roberto Fantauzzi, the creator, is already working for exporting this concept abroad. Specifically, some openings are looming in Italy (in Portofino in march 2019 and in Portocervo in July 2019), Mr Fantauzzi declared to Nevertheless, the Profumo Reserve project is also looking at London and Miami.

“The idea of mixing the guest up in a sensory trip where the pleasure of drinking and eating in structured in four olfactory paths is the core of the project”, explained Mr Fantauzzi – artistic director and general manager of many in vogue spots such as the Country of Portorotondo, the  Billionaire and the Pepero in Portocervo, the Cashmere in Cortina, the Celeste ini Capri.

This concept crafted the menu which is also organised in four options: floral, marine, spicy and citrus. What is more, the menus are not divided into courses but into olfactory experiences and consist of a raw (fish or meat), an entrée, a main course, a pinsa (a tipical roman bread with jam), a desert and a cocktail (for 60 euros).





Thus, the mixture which combines the design, the menu, the cocktails, the aroma and the floral setting up makes Profumo Sensorial Space an innovative restaurant. With more than 4 hundred of seatings (60-70 indoor) and about 10.000 mq of park, Profumo also hosts the “Flower market” –  in collaboration with the Flower Designer Mrs Federica Ambrosini- on saturdays. For children, an animated brunch is set up.





The proposals, which are orchestrated by the F&B manager Mr Simone Braghetta and developed by Chef Marco Morello and by the Bar Manager Flavio Esposito, accompany the guests in a “food & cocktail pairing olfactory experience” focusing on the valorisation of  the food-cocktails-music-aromas matches.

More than just a restaurant and a Cocktail & Tapas Bar, Profumo is a place for whom loves having aperitifs (from 6.00 pm) dinners and music at the same place (to 2.00 am).  Design spaces, a fusion cooking and personalised cocktails are accompanied by a lounge music selection and deep sound, also ideated to be structured in four different paths inspired by aromas.  At the mixer there is Dj Ravin, the historical disk jockey of the Parisian Buddha Bar.





Profumo  will also be a  high perfumery brand. Mrs Luciana Rosso, “Nose” of the “Antica Spezieria ed Erboristeria San Simone” of Florence, have created a personalised line with four ambient scents. Well, from the food to the entertainment the nose will articulate the time.


Profumo Spazio Sensoriale, via di Villa Lauchli, 1 Roma. Tel +393512767173 Pagina Facebook

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