Palmerie Rome, exotic journey between fusion and house-cocktails

Translation by Francesco Piccat

A journey from Morocco to the East, through India, down to the bar of a railway station, or of an airport lounge. This is Palmerie Roma, a place open to the world with a refined design. Having inaugurated in April in Parioli neighborhood, “Palmerie is a product of our passion for travels and collects the most interesting features of the countries we have visited”, said Francesco Chiappini, one of the seven young owners.

The name, not without reasons, evokes the  XI century Palmeraie of Marrakech, north of the ancient imperial Moroccan capital. Giorgio Fiorilli, Melissa Leone, Andrea Clapier, Simone Brengola, Alessandro Borghi e Simone Barberio are the others members of the group.

Palmerie is a composed by a dehor and two levels of an elegant building. Shades of blue and grey colour, the interiors are enriched with black glass tables, velvet seats and golden decor.  Miss Melissa Leone imagined this design melting the french colonial and the west indies styles, palm groves and riad. The ornamental plants green stands out in every room with more than ten different types of palms.

The Food & Beverage offer is fusion in its purest sense and it’s available all day long, from the lunch to the after-dinner. The menu, inspired and created by Maurizio Zezza, Chiharu Igarashi and Marco Fontana, is an encounter of the West and the East with open bread, healthy buddha bowl, izakaya (japanese tapas), gyoza, ramen, sushi roll, pizza and gourmet burger.

Two bars fill this picture, one on the ground floor (a covered dehor) and the other on the first floor serving the room dedicated to the dj set. The bartender Gianluca Vino created the house’s cocktails list (Panta Rei, Mulata Fidel and Shiva Punch are the most popular). Beyond being a restaurant – direction is entrusted to Edoardo Savino –, Palmerie hosts live music, dj set and exposition every evening.

Palmerie, viale Parioli 7, Roma. Tel. +393807417379 SiteFacebook Page


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