Assaggia Roma, roman Grandma’s cooking in an easy chic way

Traslation by Francesco Piccat


Assaggia is the place, in the heart of Rome, where to taste the real traditional roman kitchen “delights” in an easy chic way. All courses are made with local products and are served in a innovative way of little tastes.

With its garden terrace, restaurant in the fascinating Via Margutta – at the ground floor of boutique hotel Margutta 19 – is a place suggesting visitors to enjoy and relax each and every moment dedicated to great food: from breakfast to dinner, through the aperitif’s hour and lunch. Courses, which follow the roman tradition, are redifined  for the current days.



From the top in clockwise direction: Vignarola, Carbonara pasta, Trippa alla romana, Polpette al sugo.



The kitchen is led by Chef Daniele Ciaccio, under the careful direction of the Star Chef Angelo Troiani. The restaurant’s proposals consist of two tasting menu formats of 6 (27€) or 9 servings (37€), with cheeses and charcuterie, entrées, main courses and garnishes. All is served with excellences of the local and national wine production. Later, customers may appreciate a selection of three classical deserts. Assaggia Roma, attached to its gastronomic philosophy which is deeply rooted in the roman culture, carefully cares the selection of raw materials, almost always from bio and local productions.

For aperitifs or after-dinners, Assaggia proposes cocktails from a list created by Tony Rosetti and a prestigious selection of liquors to enjoy in a elegant atmosphere in which informality melts with the great care for the detail in order to make visitors feel at home. Assaggia welcomes customers in a simply but refined way, at the same time relaxing and cosy.


Assaggia, via Margutta 19 Rome. Tel +390697797980

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