Terrazza Trinità dei Monti, kitchen in motion by Chef Vezzoli at Hotel Plaza

Terrazza Trinità dei Monti is the new Restaurant of the Grand Plaza Hotel and boast a privileged view on the best roman monuments. From Trinità dei Monti to Casina Valadier and Villa Borghese this terrace permits the glance to pose itself until Piazza Venezia and the Palace of the Quirinale.

For an elegant aperitif or a romantic dinner, Terrazza Trinità dei Monti and the adjacent Terrazza Accademia di Francia – located at the fifth floor of the Hotel, in the very city center – are the places to be to pass an unforgettable roman night.

Thanks to his long experience in different places around the world, Chef Umberto Vezzoli proposes a diverse reinterpretation of the traditional Italian and roman cuisine, notably with dishes specifically imagined for each day of the week. As Chef Vezzoli has pointed out and as one can understand by eating his creations, his idea of kitchen is “in motion” involving the combination of his world experiences starting from Italian dishes.





Appetizers are journeys to the colors of seasonal vegetables cooked rapidly, such as the vegetable terrine or the “Vitello Tonnato” (a kind of carpaccio of veal with tuna sauce) enriched with steamed quail eggs. Among the first courses the roman tradition rules: Cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese with pepper), Amatriciana (pasta with a sauce made of cured pork cheek, pecorino cheese and tomatoes), Gricia (pasta with a sauce made of cured pork cheek and pecorino cheese). “Milano-Tokyo 1998” is one of Chef signatures dishes: risotto alla milanese (stirred rice flavored with saffron, top right picture) enhanced with a tuna tartare. This dish is dedicated to the two cities where Chef Vezzoli has had his two most meaningful experiences.

Going through the discovering of the menu, the “Pescato del Mediterraneo” – the catch of the day – in stew with a trilogy of little tomatoes and the “Tagliata di Fassona” – an excellent breed of Piedmont cow – deserve a special mention (picture below left). Among the deserts, one can appreciate the originality of the “Semifreddo al limone” (lemon parfait, picture below right) which is accompanied by an extra virgin olive oil flavored with vanilla.

Among the historical hotels of the Italian capital city, The Grand Hotel Plaza has been located for more than one century and half in the ancient Palazzo Lozzano of Via del Corso and it has become, day after day, a meeting place for cultural events as well as set of important Italian and international movies. A unique place where to live, between liberty-style stuccoes and stained-glass windows, not only of the hotel customers but for everyone who enjoys the experiences based on singularity and uniqueness.


Terrazza Trinità dei Monti C/o Grand Hotel Plaza, via del Corso 126, Roma. Tel +390669921111

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