Ercoli Parioli, delicatessen-bistro with winery and vermouth bar

Ercoli Parioli, delicatessen-bistro with winery and vermouth bar. A new place that collects an important heritage (from historical shop in Prati born in 1928) and points to delicatessen-bistro’s primacy in Rome. To give life to the project are two young entrepreneurs, Gino Cuminale and Dany Di Giuseppe, creators of Porto Fluviale and other successfull locals, with desire also to do research involving small companies unknown to most.

Ercoli Parioli is a shop where, 7 days 7, from 9 AM o’clock in the morning to 1 AM, you can go for shopping, eating at the restaurant or have a drink at the Vermouth bar or at “widespread” winery. The beverage menu boasts 400 bottles of wine, sparkling, champagne and vermouth.

In the kitchen there is Andrea Di Raimo, who juggles with traditional Italian cuisine. The cellar is curated by Jovica Todorovic and Vermouth bar is led by bar manager Federico Tomasselli that for the project has summoned Fulvio Piccinino, among the greatest experts in the history of drink. A place for foodie, romantics palates and hunters of new flavors.

Ercoli, viale dei Parioli 184, Roma. Tel 068080084  Facebook PageSite

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