Palatino Bistrot, french-roman cuisine in quartiere Trieste

Palatino Bistrot, french-roman cuisine in quartiere Trieste. In quartiere Trieste has opened Palatino Bistrot. Restaurant offers french cuisine with italian and roman contaminations. The name recalls the famous train that in one night accompanied the travelers from Rome to Paris.

Young Chef Rocco Cavadini, that has grown in the kitchens of several french restaurants and in the famous Osteria Francescana of Massimo Bottura, suggests innovative dishes. Menu is full expression of restaurant’s philosofy: key elements of french cuisine merge with italian noble raw materials.

Among the top Palatino Bistrot‘s plates are: pappardelle with cardoons cream, artichokes and nut butter; tonnarelli with fish sauce, tomatoes with Pernod, basil, capers and almonds; risotto with radicchio, chips of ventrèche, Comté aged 24 months and nuts; spaghettoni with bergamot, Mazara prawns, razor clams, piment d’Espelette and, finally, the proposal of pasta Rigatoni gricia with black truffle fondue de poireaux . Obviously you can’t miss the typical breton crepes galettes. French wines from the best wine cellars complement gastronomic offer.


Palatino Bistrot, via Tirso 46/48, Rome. Tel 0669327106 WebsiteFacebook Page


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