Pipero Roma, new site for starry Chef Monosilio and friends

Pipero Roma, new site for starry Chef Monosilio and friends. Starry Restaurant Pipero has moved, from Hotel Rex to Corso Vittorio (near Piazza Navona and Campo De’ Fiori). Name has changed in Pipero Roma, crew is the same: Alessandro Pipero, co-Owner, Manager and Sommelier; Luciano Monosilio, Executive Starry Chef; Achille Sardiello, Maître.

Pipero Roma spread over 410 square meters: 200 square meters the room on the street level, 200 in the loft for 45 total seatings; you can also eat sitting on the stools of the bar counter. In the restaurant’s wine cellar there’s a table with eight seats for private dining.

Menu is divided into three sections. First part, called “Roots”, is a tasting with traditional dishes of the restaurant (a path from Albano Laziale to Hotel Rex); second tasting menu is called “Branches” with thirteen innovative dishes; carte menu is a list with eleven dishes, without distinction in appetizers, first and second. Among top dishes there are: “kale and mussels” and “eel and chard” which has its origins in Ancient Rome as in other dishes. In menu there isn’t the most famous dish of Monosilio: Carbonara. A special point will be opened for it within a year.


Pipero Roma, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 246 Roma. Tel +390668139022

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*informations was taken from a video interview of Alessandro Pipero to gamberorosso.it

**photograph was obtained from Alessandro Pipero’s Facebook Page and degraded for informational purposes only

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