All’Oro Roma, reopen the new restaurant of Star chef Di Giacinto

Reopen in Rome All’Oro, new restaurant of Riccardo Di Giacinto starry chef and his wife Ramona Anello. New opening is located near Piazza del Popolo and occupies the entire ground floor of the boutique hotel The H’All. At the entrance is the bar area, follows the great hall, with view on the refrigerated winery showing the 600 labels, and a smaller adjoining room for more private and intimate dinners. The restaurant will also have an external conservatory: an iron and glass structure with lush plants, like a greenhouse, where you can have breakfast or dinner outside in all seasons.

The menu combines Di Giacinto’s classic dishes, as the Rocher Oxtail, the Carbonara Summary, Cappelletti in a dry soup with Parmesan, saffron and lemon, with new proposals: Rocket salad, Solo Lasagna! or Veal with cauliflower, licorice and caviar. Some dishes will be completed in the hall by the staff, such as T’Agliata or Cheese and Shaker. “We want to bring the hall to be the protagonist of the service – said Riccardo – as it always was, and still is, at the most prestigious restaurants in the world , like those of Alain Ducasse or Yannick Alleno “.


All’Oro C/o The H’All Hotel, via Giuseppe Pisanelli 25 Rome. Tel 0632110128 Web SiteFacebook Page

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