Osteria Birra del Borgo, brasserie and craft beer in Prati

The craft brewer Birra del Borgo has opened its first Osteria in Rome’s Prati neighborhood, near the Vatican. Osteria Birra del Borgo covers over 300 square meters and houses a small factory for the production of new beers to try in place for a total of 24 pins (of which 4 lines by pump); there is also a small selection of breweries guests. In the space devoted to beer they are also wooden barrels and terracotta amphorae for fermentation and experimental refinements.

As for the cuisine, at the Osteria Birra del Borgo you can eat pizza by Gabriele Bonci, the same of Pizzarium, that can be enjoyed for the first time sitting at the table, and the bread made with natural yeast in bakery Bonci; mozzarella Campo Felice, along with a rich selection of local cheeses and fresh pasta prepared from Taberna, Palestrina’s restaurant that revisiting the Lazio cuisine and has been participating enthusiastically to Birra del Borgo projects.

Are around 100 the seats, divided between the Osteria Birra del Borgo restaurant (50 seats), lounge area between pillows and soft sofas, cocktail bar, more informal sessions on stools at the counter and a cozy area with 14 seats reserved for special events.

Experimenting (with beer) is the watchword for those who competes at the cocktail bar. The mixology is entrusted to bartenders emerged from Jerry Thomas‘ academy of Vicolo Cellini, which also signs the drink list. Coffee lovers can find a historic and elite brand, Castroni.


Osteria Birra del Borgo, via Silla 26 A, Roma  Website

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