Interni33 Rome, event space and design gallery near Piazza Navona

Interni33 Rome, event space and design gallery near Piazza Navona. It’s a container for corporate and private events that offering the possibility to design yours “tailor made” event with the support of the “unit events”, taking care of every single aspect. The space is located in the heart of Rome, near Piazza Navona, in a mediaeval tower.


Interni 33 Roma.3



Interni33 consists of four main areas: the Hall, the Living Room, the Dining Room, and the Vanity Room. It’s also a design gallery and store with a line of its decor. Scouting for emerging talents and the involvement of established companies in design make this space a unique showcase in Rome.

INTERNI33, via delle Botteghe Oscure 33, Roma. Tel +39335 7743957

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