Romeo all’Emporio, Bowerman’s multifunctional space at Testaccio

Romeo Emporio is a multifunctional space that is spread over more than 2,000 square meters of surface in order to propose a catering format in which come together in an unprecedented way: restaurant (Romeo), pizzeria (Juliet), bakery and deli, cocktail bar and ice cream parlor (Fridge) .
At Romeo restaurant you can taste the cuisine of Chef Cristina Bowerman every day in an innovative and welcoming space, with contemporary lines, but at the same time warm.



Romeo Emporio Roma



The pizzeria Giulietta can accommodate up to 150 people and is dedicated to gourmet pizzas, designed by a combination of Chef Bowerman and the most famous masters of the Roman and Neapolitan pizza.
From bread to pizza, from the sweet to the facts yeast in the house, from meats to best cheeses selected locally, nationally and internationally, it is all that can be found in the bakery and delicatessen.
Romeo Emporio‘s options are completed by cocktail bar, which is spread over 16 meters of the counter, and the homemade ice cream Frigo, with strictly natural ingredients and original and personalized tastes.


Romeo Emporio, piazza dell’Emporio 28, Roma. Tel 0632110120

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