Eit Roma, new restaurant by Pino Cau and Star Chef Gigi Nastri

Eit: Elegance and Estro, Ingredients and Imprudence, Trasparency. These are the words of new hospitality’s project by Pino Cau, the host, and Star Chef Luigi Nastri. The target of new Hotel Rex’s restaurant is to make protagonist an ingredient, a season, a story, a passion.

Eit” is also for “eight”, the origin: ingredients, cook, cooking. The proposed dishes follow the cycle of the seasons, because it’s hard to find an ingredient with constant quality for four months. And the seasons are no longer four, but eight half seasons.

Eit Roma is also the desire to play with tastes and flavors: sweet, salty, bitter and acidic, the main flavors according to science but not the only ones. In Asia, in the early 1900s, a fifth taste was born: umami. It is approaching the sapid, but sodium glutamate is causing it. You know umami only if you’ve been in Asia. Then the sixth taste, which explodes all over the mouth, spicy. The seventh, the last linked to sensory perceptions, the fat. It closes the circle with the eighth taste: the aesthetics. Aesthetics is essential taste, it’s mental. There is an aesthetics of taste. The taste of the dish is given by all the capacity that an individual has individually to receive information. And so eight: eight tastes, eight seasons, eight ingredients. And eight wines, eight cocktails, eight distillates.


Eit Restaurant, via Torino 149, Roma. Tel 064815702  Sito

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